MIGUEL ANGEL PIANO - SOLICITORS offers continuous legal assistance in all types of real estate transactions, including the possibility of helping clients in obtaining Mortgage Loans, either through Spanish, British or other European countries banking entities. Furthermore, aware of the importance that financial and fiscal aspects have acquired in the modern economy, MIGUEL ANGEL PIANO - SOLICITORS has opted for a solid specialization in that field.


  • Advice on everything related to real estate transactions:

Our specialist English-speaking solicitors represent residents and non-residents of Spain in all aspects of Spanish real estate law, providing personalized independent professional legal advice on all important legal and tax aspects and considerations that are included and can be found in transactions and Spanish real estate transfers, going through the various legal and financial procedures required and that may arise, taking the time to answer questions and give clear step-by-step explanations about the needs and issues related to real estate law, offering clients comprehensive and high quality legal advice, and supervision of all types of Spanish real estate transactions before, during, and after completing the transaction, from the signing of the first contract, to the registration the land Registry, and the presentation and settlement of taxes.


  • Carrying out registry investigations:

We ensure that appropriate local inquiries, investigations, and a full set of legal checks are carried out for all types of Spanish real estate, such as, but not limited to, verifying legal ownership and registration status of Spanish properties, as well as the investigation and confirmation of the situation of the Spanish properties of liens, charges and encumbrances that may need to be canceled before completing the transaction.


  • Examination and revision of documentation:

We advise our clients in any Spanish real estate transaction, checking all the documentation involved is in order to complete the Spanish real estate transaction without complications, protecting at all times the position and interest of our clients, ensuring the investment, obtaining the necessary information about about property. and confirming the exact conditions of the property before the signing of the relevant documents of the transaction, and the payment of the amounts generally requested to secure the transaction.


  • Preparation of the appropriate contract for the transaction, when necessary:

Our legal services are experienced and specialized in real estate services and this includes contracts. Since there are several types of contracts, in which the terms and conditions by which the transaction will be regulated are recorded, we discuss the most convenient depending on the individual needs of each client, drafting or approving the contracts, as required, according to the specific circumstances of the case.


  • Preparation of valuation reports and technical studies, at the request of the client and to their account:

Identify property defects in Spain to save money and avoid problems. Inspection of structural elements can be very valuable. The less obvious defects detected by the technician can be used to negotiate and know the real state of a property, which will help make better investment decisions when it comes to real estate in Spain.


  • Conduct negotiations, as needed:

We use our experience, insight and knowledge to help anticipate, solve problems, prepare and handle adverse situations and conflicts, contacting the relevant parties in the real estate transaction, as necessary, with their representatives, attorneys and agents, protecting the interests of our customers at all times.


  • Payment on behalf of the client of all taxes involved in real estate transactions:

These include the transferta, stamp duty tax, and municipal taxes, such as the. Rubbish collection tax, and the tax on the increase in the value of urban land (Municipal Plusvalia), as well such as the Land Registry and Notary Fees, amongst others. We advise on the real estate taxation of any Spanish real estate transaction, as well as in the procedures for verifying the value of the real estate in accordance with current legislation, calculate and inform clients of their Spanish tax obligations that arise in the real estate transaction, we prepare Tax assessments and organize the timely payment of taxes, expenses, costs, and corresponding fees related to the real estate transaction.


  • We ensure the registration of the property deed in the corresponding Registry:

We take care of the timely presentation of the forms for the tax assessment of the real estate transaction before the corresponding Spanish Tax Administrations, such as the central Tax Administration (AEAT), Tax Offices of Autonomous Communities, Town Halls, and Administrative Organizations of Collection of Local Taxes, as well as the registration of the Property Deeds signed before a Notary Public at the end of the transaction in the corresponding Land Registry and other records


  • Additional advice on the implications of the transaction, as necessary:

Depending on the nature of the transaction, it is sometimes advisable to set up a company. The benefits to the individual of considering corporate ownership of the property will depend on individual requirements and circumstances. We manage all the necessary procedures and the registration of new Spanish companies in the Mercantile Registry.


  • Preparation and assistance at the offices Notaries at the time of signing the deeds with the clients, or on their behalf, supported by Power of Attorney:

Our lawyers prepare, review and verify the property titles involved in each real estate transaction to be signed before a Notary Public, assisting at the notary, office with the clients at the time of completing the transaction or on the day of the notarial appointment for the signing and granting of the Deed or sign the Deeds on behalf of clients backed by a Power of Attorney. We organize for our clients the granting of Powers of Attorney before a Public Notary, in Spain or in their country, to act on their behalf in each and every one of the procedures necessary to complete the Spanish real estate transaction without the clients having to be personally present at the Notary at office transaction.


  • Insurance contracting, as required.


  • Assistance in the preparation of Spanish Wills and Inheritances:

We offer legal and tax advice to our clients in probate, donation, and inheritance matters. The Spanish legal system is very different when it comes to inheritance procedure compared to other countries. We recommend all our foreign clients with interests in Spain, as owners or investors, the granting of Wills for assets located in Spain, ensuring that the inheritance process is simple and less expensive at the right time, ensuring with this process to facilitate the process of adjudication of inheritance when the time comes and that those left behind do not have to resolve a complex legal situation.

Our trained attorneys are here for you, to understand and help you achieve your wishes, guiding you through the entire process, from receiving instructions for your Will to signing the final document, offering expert legal advice in probate estate law. taxes involved to all legal and tax inquiries you may have.

We can advise you on all aspects of the inheritance. In the event that assets located in Spain have been tested or bequeathed, we will manage all the required procedures and registration (if applicable), and will also ensure that all duties and taxes are paid in a timely manner in accordance with current legislation.


  • Assistance in the granting of special powers of attorney:

Sometimes an individual's health conditions can make decision-making virtually impossible. If mental capacity is lost without having a specific power of attorney, it can cost the family time and money as it is a slow and very costly process to ask the Courts to appoint a Deputy to handle day-to-day financial matters and give permission to manage personal affairs.



MIGUEL ANGEL PIANO - SOLICITORS offers clients the following services:


  • Advice in everything related to tax returns of non-residents in Spain, both individual and corporate (Personal Income and Wealth Tax, Corporation Taxes, Inheritance and gifs Taxes, etc ...).
  • Registration at in the corresponding Administrative Offices.
  • Preparation for the application of Tax Identification Numbers (NIE) and Registration Certificates of EU Citizens: NIE is an abbreviation of "Foreigner Identity Number", a personal, fixed and unique number, which serves as a multipurpose identification and tax number in Spain to identify foreign taxpayers. A NIE is required for any official or legal process in Spain. E.g. a NIE is needed to buy a property, a car, connect to public services, and pay taxes. We can help you apply for a NIE for individuals or a Tax Number for a company, and we can also help you in the process to obtain the Certificate of Registration of EU Citizen in Spain.
  • Review, study and consideration of the documentation involved in the liquidation of the tax obligations of natural and legal persons not resident in Spain: We provide advise on the real estate taxation of any sale and purchase transaction, as well as on the verification procedures of real estate values in accordance with current legislation. Our tax department reviews and informs clients of their periodic tax obligations in Spain, prepares the appropriate tax assessment, and manages the presentation of tax assessments before the Spanish central Tax Administrations, the State Agency for Tax Administration (AEAT), Town Councils, and Organizations Regional and Local Tax Collection Administrative Offices.


  • Payment on behalf of clients of the tax obligations of non-residents: Our tax department manages the payment of the tax obligations of its clients in Spain, including payments to the Public Treasury, and local rates to town halls, and local and regional tax collection bodies.
  • Fiscal representation of natural and legal persons non-residents before the Spanish Tax Agency, city councils and local and regional tax collection bodies: In Spain, both residents and non-residents are required to pay taxes on their income and assets. We advise non-residents who own property in Spain to appoint a tax representative, to ensure that all tax notifications addressed to them are being received. When required we will be the contact persons with the tax office, we receive any notification or request on behalf of the client and then inform the client of the necessary action required. MIGUEL ANGEL PIANO - SOLICITORS actúa como representante fiscal de cualquier persona física o jurídica extranjera así lo requiera ante la Agencia Tributaria española, pudiendo también tramitar cualquier recurso y reclamación fiscal.



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